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"How do I limit my greatness to just one [paragraph]?"


Matt "Biggs" Kelsey got his start blogging about X-Wing as "Steel Squadron HQ" and eventually merged with Truthiness and shmitty to produce Armada content with "Steel Strategy." Biggs enjoys Armada, and other board and video games that focus on exploration, emergent narratives, cooperation, strategy, and roleplaying. When not gaming, Biggs is a emergency medicine professional and likes to hike mountains. Current main games are: Star Wars: Armada, Out of the Park Baseball, Hell Let Loose and D&D 5th Ed.


Truthiness is our resident competitive mind...well kind of. He's weird. You'll find him constantly tinkering with different parts of games, trying to find ways to win outside the commonly recognized ways to do so. His main games these days are Armada, Dropzone Commander, and Dropfleet Commander. He tends to stay more tightly focused on a few miniature wargaming systems, occasionally dipping into board games in social situations. His playing style can be best described as "recklessly aggressive" and "the Ricky Bobby of Star Wars."