A Defiant class starship flying on a starry background.

Welcome to Star Trek: Into the Unknown

Welcome to Starfleet Academy, cadet!  You've probably heard of the newest space game out there, Star Trek: Into the Unknown, which is due to come out sometime in Q2 of 2024.  As of me writing this, that's in the next 2-5 months.  Time to get your preorders in!

Demo Kits Are Out!

That's right, you can have a chance to try the game out for yourself at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS)!  Be sure to check with the store to see if they have a copy of the Demo Kit, or ask your owner to get one in.  If you're especially interested in the game, you can volunteer to run demos with the kit to help the store attract pre-orders, and build up a player base in your area!

The demo kits contain a Jem Hadar Fighter (Dominion) and the Defiant Class Escort (Federation) as well as 4 officers for each side, and allow for players to get a feel for how the game will play.

Stay tuned here for more Star Trek: Into the Unknown information!